Tuesday, April 10, 2007

cloudy, yet beautiful!

this past weekend i had the opportunity to go home and visit my family and see one of my companions get sealed (for time and all eternity) in the san diego temple. it started out like any other weekend with my mother's birthday on thursday and my sister's birthday on saturday (really celebrated on friday and sunday) and a lot of festivities with the fam. on thursday we (me and my brother michael and sister anne) arrived in the los angeles international airport and were then taken to in-n-out for our first meal back in the state. after that we went home and chatted until the early hours of the morning. waking up friday, i was greeted by the beautiful smell of bacon and french toast. later going to in-n-out with my friends to eat and talk about life, my arteries and heart filled that much more with fat and i love it. then that night i felt like i had travelled back in time with the party at boomer's for my sister's birthday party. we played cosmic miniature golf and had a blast. then i proceeded to go to huntington beach for a young single adult dance where i danced the night away and forgot about the task of the next day. getting home late, i set my alarm for a few hours later and got up to drive for two hours to san diego (but i made it in an hour and twenty minutes) for my friends (paul and sarah egbert's) sealing in the temple. after that we went to california pizza kitchen and sat, talked and enjoyed each others company. the rest of that day was filled with much of the same taking us to the easter sabbath morning. after church my family talked about various things that make us who we are and what has molded us into the beings that we are. i then proceeded to catch my flight back to salt lake city and later drove to provo to catch half of the first (and all of the second) episode of planet earth (the eleven part mini-series on the discovery channel about how our world is seriously the best around).

all in all the weekend was one of the better ones this semester because of so much love and catching up with friends and family and getting to know them a little better and a little more intimate. i love people and the way that each of us are different. i am excited to see what the summer brings and the new relationships that i will establish and reconnect the old friendships and relationships back in california that i cherish so much.


Ash said...

Hello John Holman! I hope that you are enjoying your summer in California and that all is well--beautiful picture of the temple bytheway.

Greg said...

I'm glad I could play a part in your California life. It's okay to hate zack.