Sunday, November 23, 2008

"beautiful, beautiful zion"

i think lauryn hill said it best (the title).  i had the opportunity to visit some more of southern utah's finest landscape this past week and this is what i came out with:

the music featured in this video was:
sigur ros - takk - saeglopur
eddie vedder -into the wild soundtrack - guaranteed

it was hard for me to cut out any parts of the trip because it was so amazing.
here are some pics from the trip to bryce canyon and zion canyon national parks:
all credit goes to aldo quiroga who took them.

this is the car that i had to get upgraded to from a ford focus style car.
sad huh?

this is the cabin that we stayed at overnight at zion ponderosa ranch.

i swear i worked.  this is proof.

to explain this shot.  the times that it looks like i am shooting handheld out of the sun roof of the car in the video is because i am actually doing just that.  i am sorry those shots weren't steadier but i am not a rock, and the car was moving pretty fast.


Erin The Great said...

That's a nice little Audi you've go there... I still don't believe that you were working ;)

The Tingey's said...

You got some mad skills dude. That time lapse of the sunset was sick and that moving away part while zooming in made me sick, way trippy. Nicely done.

afton said...

yeah i'm sure you just hated driving that car. the shots look amazing. nicely done. i also enjoy that you've been posting more. and guess what?! i have been too! check it.

Lincoln said...

video is money brah. totally jealous of the car. take it easy buddy.