Friday, April 3, 2009


what a crazy few weeks it has been. i have undertaken a project that has come to fruition after much blood, sweat and (just one) tear. i embarked on this project with liz jones and allison jensen. it is titled full body pilates and they are the lovely hosts. i happened to shoot edit and create the dvd and it's menus and many other things. i would like to share a little of this with you so i will enclose it at the bottom with pics and other such things that happened because of this project. we started a little before valentine's day and i just dropped off the dvds in order for them to get replicated and then sold. it is crazy that i have put so much time into this project and learned many new things; among them photoshop, dvd programs, and final cut a little more. i am very happy that i did this and much happier now that it is over and i can move onto other projects to learn and grow from them as well.


that is how you get (and maintain) "sleek, sexy arms!"

good 'ol cobra.

"you ladies feelin' it?! i don't want to be the only one"

"10 more."

this is the finished dvd cover that will go along with the other project parts.

here is what the dvd looks like in side:

main menu:

chapter screens:

the end. but if you would like to know more or even buy a dvd to support go to:


anne said...

best work out video i've ever seen. seriously. now that i've viewed it purely for art appreciation, i should actually follow along to acquire some "sleek, sexy arms!" you think? ;)

betsy b said...

wow. john. i'm so impressed.

you're so great. i can't wait to see the vid.