Monday, December 21, 2009

playing ketchup: jobs.

after the application and in between all of the shows that i went to i tried to find a job. there wasn't much luck there for awhile. then i got hired by the ups to be a driver helper during the holidays. but that never came to fruition. the only time i wore the uniform after trying it on:

after taking this picture i drove to the ups hub to turn it back into them.

well whatever, that wasn't going to keep me down. i kept looking and now i have a job with filml.a., inc. they permit people to film in los angeles city and county. i will be notifying people of the filming that will be taking place in the areas around the locations. i am super excited and will be driving around los angeles so much that i will know my city more intimately.

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afton said...

that picture should be your new profile pic. too awesome.