Tuesday, June 5, 2007

angels (baseball) and demons

to show lincoln and mimi that i am better than them/a more devoted fan, and to show to the world (aka those limited few who read this) that i am amazing i have pictures to prove it. i went to a los angeles angels of anaheim baseball game with my father, brother daniel, and sister anne. we sat in the front row, only six seats away from the dugout and enjoyed ourselves as the saturday afternoon sun roasted our bodies. the angles we defeated that day but the thing that bothered me the most was the size of the all-important hot dog. i ordered a “jumbo” hot dog from the concession stand, and in return got a little thing that was barely even able to be called a hot dog. the dodgers, on the other hand, have what is known as a “dodger dog.” for those of you who have not had this experience yet, you must. they measure about a foot long and the bun cannot contain the amount of juicy hot dog that is spewing over the ends of the bun. you can even get them two different ways, grilled or boiled. furthermore, this season the outfield pavilion is sponsored by am/pm (a convenience store for those who are not cultured) where there is all you can eat dodger dogs, popcorn, peanuts, soda, water, nachos and more from when the gates open for the game until two hours after the game begins. this proves that not only do the dodgers give you a superior hot dog (excuse me dodger dog) they are also the better team in the southern california region but who is gonna pass up free tickets to a baseball game especially when they are in the front row.

zoomed in on the third baseman. no zoom on the sd450.


xaque said...

first row rocks my world. i have only heard of these infamous dodger dogs. some day i will experience them.

MIMI & LINCOLN said...

john, sorry for not seeing this before and commenting now. I appreciate your participation at an angels game but i beg to differ. we went to the entire boston red sux series and purchased a wall clock, two sweatshirts, two shirts, a hat, and a purse. it's like giving to charity.
p.s. those hot dogs suck dittly uck
so do the red sux