Wednesday, June 20, 2007

why do humans act this way

i really don't know why it took so long to publish this.

i wish i had a dog like mcgruff.

do these two look the same?

i just witnessed something that disappoints me about how we interact as human beings. let me explain, my work has a "dog-friendly workplace policy" and so dogs are here at least one day out of the week, today being one of those days. when they come in the office gives them their attention and talks to them in that higher-toned voice that i guess the dogs hear and are able to understand, right (cesar millan, the dog whisperer, would be highly offended). but let me get to the point. a woman just brought in her child to work today and the same high-toned voice was used to address the child. compliments like "he's bigger than mine," "oh my gosh," and "he's so cute" were all given to him in that voice that is used to talk to small children and dogs. the boy is three now and hasn't been to the office that much, but i feel sorry for him as he is going to go throughout the day being talked to like the dog that is present. names are another thing about children these days that boggles my mind. we are starting to name them after objects, seasons, and other pet names. the child that was brought in today was named sky, and the dog that was brought in today is called mundo (world in spanish). what are we doing to our children, when will it stop, and whatever happened to traditional names like bartholomew, maximus, and zeus?

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