Wednesday, April 2, 2008

sewing may-hem

sew, i have been in a beginning clothing construction class for this last semester and i am now seeing my accomplishments after an entire semester.  in the class we have four projects: pajama pants, skirt, shirt, and the fourth for our choosing.  here is a recap of each project with pictures.

pajama pants:
what a disaster!  i thought that this was going to be an easy project, and it was until i tried to sew the crotch seams together.  that is when i found out that i was sewing it wrong all along.  i accidentally sewed the front left panel to the back right leaving the top all skewed and was unable to finnish it without forcing the waistband to be all jacked up.  but i finished the project and received a score of 74.

skirt 1:
after the disaster of the pajama pants i was told to just do better on the second project.  so i started out with getting a fabric that actually had a right and wrong side so that i can tell which side were the left and right panels to set up the skirt right.  after trying to put the lapped zipper in a few times i was able to finish the skirt up until the waistband.  after i was working on the waistband for weeks i finally got it to work out and was able to score an 80 on this project.

my shirt...where do i begin?  i got the pattern and the fabric at wal-mart at midnight and so i was left without options.  because i went to wal-mart, there were no fabrics that were made for men, but for girls and little girls.  this is where the shirt started to go bad.  the actual putting of it together was easy but look at it!  it is hideous and i hated making it.  but i am super glad that i was able to finally make a man shirt that was a lot easier than an article that a girl would wear.  but i was able to finish it on time and get ahead of everyone else for the final project.  i got a 92 on this project.

skirt 2:
this skirt is for my sister.  it took all of three class periods to finish it.  on the first class period i got the zipper half-way in and got it all stay-stitched to set the tone for the rest of the project.  day two i got there and put the zipper all the way in and then kept jammin on the project and go the facing put in so all that i had to do was get my sister to try it on and then get the hem lined up for the next time that i went to class.  on the third day i was able to finish the project really quick and then actually add a slit in the skirt that i made earlier so that the girl in class i made it for (jenna garns) could actually walk with the skirt on.  i don't know what score i got on this project just yet but i have to say that i totally rocked it and am proud that i don't have to stress over the project for the next couple of class periods.

and as i was there one day minding my own business i was asked by a daily universe photog if he could snap some pics about a story that they were doing.  i relented and this is what happened: since then i have not been able to keep the ladies off of me.  here is what it looked like in the paper.

just to give you perspective of how big it was on the front page.

there is also one typo, if you caught that from the earlier pictures, said skirt is not my final project, but is my second project. just fyi.


Andy77 said...

The ladies couldn't keep there hands off you to begin with. You can pass a few ladies my way if so inclined hehe. You make a great seemstress (I have no idea how to spell that lovely word.)

xaque said...

wowzers. You should have taken a picture of you wearing all your items, that would look GOOOOD.

Sounds like you are quite the pimp seamster.

The Package said...

John, this makes me so happy! but you didnt mention your Family that you now have because of the class.

Just kidding, but seriously. You are very skilled at constructing clothing, i am impressed.

Mindy said...

Seeing you on that front page made me very happy. (:

ryan g said...

wow....too bad i missed that edition of the DU.

Looks good, reminds me of the 3 years of sewing I took in high school...i had a crush on the teacher! :P