Sunday, March 30, 2008

the finest frenzy

yesterday the first of april was filled with cruel jokes and lots of love.  the cruel jokes played by those i love and the love given by those that i really don't know.  my roommate roman actually told me that my trip to guatemala was cancelled, i hated him for that but had to admit that it was a good one.  and then after an amazing show someone gave me a "treat" and i ate pretty much cooked flour and salt.

"but in the mean time the in between time" i was able to see a dear, dear girl sing her heart out to me, rebbie, kerali, brienne, afton and anne.  i know, i know, once again a poliga-date with some hot girls with my sister as a chaperone, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the music.

she played a lot of good stuff by herself and then hit us with a little number called "i will follow you into the dark" by one of her favorites death cab for cutie and then during the encore she played another cover of "across the universe" originally performed by the beatles.  she did an amazing job and i was blown away.  during "i will follow you into the dark" i had the sniggles (shivers running up and down my spine).  wow what an amazing singer.

but that's not all,  she played this instrumental song that "[took] my breath away."  i don't know what it is about instrumentals but i just feel more connection and depth to those songs then i do some with lyrics.  i have noticed this more and more with the album leaf, sigur ros, tristeza, mute math, ambulance ltd, third eye blind, and acceptance to name a few.  but then i am also touched by songs that have long introductions like "brothers on a hotel bed" and "i will possess your heart" (both by death cab for cutie).

she played songs such as "rangers," "come on, come out," "almost lovers," "you picked me," and "near to you" to name a few.  pictures:

and then the best part, getting my ticket signed and my picture taken with alison sudol of a fine frenzy.  after my first picture i asked for another one actually with her kissing me on the cheek; but the guy guiding the line wouldn't have it and said "i think that is enough sir" and asked me to leave.

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Greg said...

hahah, ou get so star struck. Sounds fun.