Thursday, May 1, 2008

semester grades

i would have to say that this last winter semester was my best semester academically ever in college.  i know that there are many other people that can get straight a's like (insert something easy here).  i on the other hand finally had some classes that i really enjoyed and really wanted to learn from.  here is the reflection of the grades:

exsc 175 beginning scuba diving: a
hfl 185r beginning clothing construction: b
mfhd 240 parenting & child guidance: a
soc 460 issues in family sociology: a
soc 497r directed research in sociology: a

i would say that that was pretty impressive with a full schedule of school and then monday, wednesday and friday snowboarding as much as i could.  and then adding work on top of that.  that made me happy that i could finish strong.

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