Sunday, October 19, 2008

4 years later

so every time i think about my oldest brothers birthday i cannot help but think of my return home from the mission.  in this next post i will take you down photo lane for the last four years that have passed since my return home to the united states of america (in no particular order):

snowboarding and sundance and photos. yeah!

although these photos didn't win the contest they were worth every footstep and jump to get them just right (2007).

weddings:  this is of greg and jacqui.  how i love them and their daughter anberlin.  they are amazing and i look forward to anytime that i can spend with them and in boise.  loves. (2006)

more snowboarding, this one is of zack, greg and i.  i loved riding with these guys because they pushed me and i feel like i learned a lot and advanced in my boarding because of them. (2007)

night, exposure, and long = fun.  these were done on a whim and i freaking love them.  go spotlights! (2005ish)

yep.  this is the one that was on the cover of the daily universe.  sewing away. (2008)

california, beach and clouds.  three more things i love.  the sun came roaring out right after this shot and made it a wonderful day. (2007)

death cab for cutie at thanksgiving point.  third time i saw them live and it was a miracle that i made it to this one.  this is an imitation of this kid who was super-stoked to be there and it made me and my comrades smile. (2008)

timp.  great mountain, great company.  the cave is awesome and i believe that peeps should make it there to take in the beauty.  bring hiking shoes (or vans). (2008)

the alpine loop.  love it.  picturesque.  snagged this one just before sunset and then hung around for the stars which were actually out-shone by the city lights. (2008) 

this is travis.  he surfs.  i picture.  this wave killed me and paddling out sucked after that but i got the shot which makes me smile. (2007)

meadow on the back side of squaw peak.  amazing. (2008)

cooking.  a lot of girls.  but well worth it for food every week and friends made. (2007)

heidi.  scuba buddy.  certified and haven't been since. (2008)

bbq for st patricks day.  richie!  and latin kids were fun too. (2007)

four states.  two feet.  one dream. (2008)

same trip.  delicate arch.  license plate. (2008)

pt dume.  (2006)

dress-up day.  canyons.  (2007)

work, this is my life right now and i love it, but it can be burdensome when you have to do the jobs of three different people.

hari krishna temple.

goorin pass out in park city.  this is where i got my beloved sweatshirt that i still wear as often as possible. (2007)

me and alison sudol.  the singer of a fine frenzy.  she blew my mind, my head and my brain.  she didn't kiss me though (april fools?) (2008)

surf and sun. (2008)

newport/huntington. (2008)

same day. (2008)

the aston martin v12 vanquish.  driven by me.  so dope.  better then bonds latest car and the one handsome rob wanted to drive in the italian job. (2007)

reams.  hatred.  scars.  ask me about it sometime. (2006)

rad house. destruction.  fun.  "six foot flames" (2006)

wedding for zack and linda.  awesome.  denver.  the tattered cover. (2008)

california summer vacation. (2006)

family photo.  love em. (2006)

coming back from boise.  broken down on the side of the road.  family stops.  saves us after towing us off road into a field.  brother.  sobe.  zack barely made the flight out that night.  all for stephanie! (2007)

although not my major i have been heavily involved with the advertising program and with zack in his endeavors and now rebbie (congrats).  some 489 posters that we manipulated. (2007)

same trip as break down but we jammed all the boys back together again. (2007)

house boarding.  zacks bloody finger and pictures.  (2006)

sleeping with toast (ryan) in order to get breakfast.  it was worth it. (2006)

more work and play. (2008)

same alpine loop different day. (2006)

this reminds me of the bay bridge, oh wait it is.  yeah for katie edwards (but not edwards anymore).  wedding 2008, picture 2006.

me?  director?  commercials.

lacrosse.  again. (2008)

that my friends is one "popular" band.  nada surf.  front row.  free. (2008).

sam cowley.  tommy guns.  camera assist. (2008)

bullet shells are hot and fall from the sky. (2008)


sad after this random lady goes to town on my hair and then hatred fills my veins.  (2008)

all in all that was an amazing ride and i would not change anything for it.  it has made me who i am and finding new friends and keeping old ones were awesome.  i hope that you were able to remember some of those things if you were there at the locales.  thank you to everyone i have interacted with in the past four years.  i love you and send my love to your families as well.  oh, and here are a few nuggets pulled from the vault.

zack, you remember this?

so the second wouldn't work so if you remember at the jazz game one time an old lady doing the splits yeah that was awesome.

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