Monday, July 2, 2007

underwater love


equals underwater love

never had i been so in love with a purchase as i have been with this one. it was frustrating getting it delivered to me but in the end, it was worth it. with a bonfire and surf trip this last weekend to test it out the waterproof case i was excited and nervous and then elation as the pictures revealed a new side of the ability to take pictures while in the co
mfort of the riotous ocean. looking at the last pictures and then these is like night and day. i love this purchase and suggest that if anyone thinks they will get their money's worth out of a waterproof case then you need to get online go to and then search for one by the camera that you have. amazing. love. beauty. the end.

travis jensen (no zoom, okay maybe a little)

my new fish eye's (view) lens


xaque said...

Wow. Those are some sexy photos. You have got me thinking about a new investment now...but all I could take water pictures of would be dirty water with floating bodies in the East or Hudson Rivers :(

Steph said...

i am so jealous of you, john.

and you smell worse, p.s.

Becca said...

cool cool cool

Andy77 said...

You should take a picture of you blowing bubbles in Eurotrunks.

Steph said...

when is purity going to make her appearance?