Wednesday, September 5, 2007

it sounds so sweet, i'd sure like to go

if you don't know james taylor then you wouldn't get the title. but anyway, for vacation this past year my family and i went to cabo san lucas mexico. it was not as relaxing as i had originally planned but all in all it was fun. i think the big thing about getting 10 people to decide on doing the same thing is that no one cared what we did but everyone had an opinion that they didn't want over looked. we stayed at the sheraton down there and i would not recommend it to anyone that wants 3 or more people to go to mexico with them. they have to queen sized beds in the rooms but they are "only equipped for two people." ridiculous when you can book up to five people in each room on-line. they also are very misleading about a couple other things from their website but i will just leave it at that. another thing about staying at the sheraton hacienda del mar was the un-proximity to cabo from the hotel. anyway it was fun aside from everything hotel related. we went parasailing, snorkeling, and went to lovers beach where the pacific ocean meets the sea of cortez. cabo is actually a clean place near the harbor and was very pleasant to walk around at night after it had cooled off a bit from the scorching sun. here are some pics of the trip, hope you enjoy:

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