Monday, November 19, 2007

it is not our fault

there is much talk about all things bad in the world and the two parties that receive most of the blame in this area are the advertising and film industries (with the double dose of these in the television industry). there is a lot of media out there that is terrible and isn't worth watching based solely on the fact that it just has terrible acting, video/cinematography, no story, and a bad message. i wish that people could separate those things into different aspects of media and advertising.

i know a few people in the advertising industry and they are not bad people (and i love them), nor are the companies that they work for. i happen to work with a television station and associate with people (and love them as well) that have been in many other companies over there tenure in the film and television industries. being in those industries it is easy to point at all the bad things that are portrayed and then to generalize. i say stop generalizing! it bothers me and it makes you look dumb and not know what you are talking about. i love when people get on there soapboxes and rant and rave (wait a second, this seems familiar) about things that are so important to them but have little evidence to back it up.

the greatest thing that i hear almost on a monthly basis is the fact that there is nothing good on television and everyone should abstain from watching television because of the content on it. i particularly like hearing it from the people that i associate with on a daily basis. but i can think of some great programs that are on annually, semi-annually, monthly, weekly, and even daily. it is because of television and the advancements made therein that millions of people worldwide can be enlightened and know exactly what is happening in the here and now.

what we do with our time on the internet also needs to be monitored this day and age. the media that we do not consume on the radio, on television, in magazines, and in the multiplexes can now be brought to us on the internet. we now do not have to leave our households, but we can get our media from clicking a few links, whether we want that media or not.

i am not condoning all the programs or people that put media out there for us to consume, that would be ludicrous, and a generalization, but i am saying that we should all be more thoughtful of the media that we consume and also you may think about what media you would like to consume in order to let these people put food on the table and a roof over their families head.


Anonymous said...

you baby... so i really suck at this blogging thing. i don't have the time or energy to figure it out. sometimes i want to but sometimes i'm a lazy pile of crap and i don't feel like figuring out something new. HELP ME!

xaque said...

thank you sir...and I second your motion for people to open their eyes. I don't even have a TV, but still am very appreciative for the information and entertainment that I seek out via the world wide webbing system.

On a lighter note, I believe you mean "thEIR soapbox" rather than "there soapbox." You see, in English we use 'there' as indication of location, while 'their' is a possesive version of they (i.e. it is a soapbox belonging to them).

I hope that clears things up and you can submerge that into your brain.


Greg said...

Was this a school assignment?..

I cant' stand tv except the office, myth busters, house, planet earth, scrubs, conan obrien, survivor man, man vs. wild, sweet sixteen, how to catch a predator, BSU football, the great one liners from CSI Miami, etc. etc. "when you watch the best, fox 13, een, een"