Tuesday, November 27, 2007

giving thanks in a different place

this year's thanksgiving was exactly what the title entails, giving thanks but i was traveling all over the place.  thanksgiving was spent at home with the fam, which is always good.  after the festivities at home with the family i was rushed off to the airport to catch my flight out to sin city to shoot a basketball game for kbyu.

there was a chance that they could play two games that weekend and we would shoot them both.  they first played #6 louisville and if they beat them we would not shoot the second game because they would play #1 unc for the championship game.  many people (i included) did not believe that byu would be able to pull the upset and so we planned on being there for both games.

byu actually pulled the upset and so we just spent a night on the town and then went to our hotel for a nap until the next morning where we got up and then went to the airport to fly back home.

i spent a lot of time traveling that weekend but i feel it was definitely worth it.  so i drove from provo to california, flew from california to las vegas and back, and then ended up driving back up to provo to get to school for monday classes.  the trip was exhausting and amazing to sum it up in two words.

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Greg said...

Hey, everything all nice, but did you notice some of the pictures are sidewayz? Just letting you know.