Sunday, November 11, 2007

work: a chore or a choice?

my job is amazing and takes me the places that i want and need to be. first of all, this fall i had the opportunity to be inches away from the prophet gordon b. hinkley (well, technically he was further away but i was in the kbyu truck staring at 10 monitors of him). i love the ability that i have to transmit these things to the world. it really makes me happy that i am able to give millions of people around the world that closeness to things that move and inspire them.

for the prophet.

also with these little badges you can get anywhere you want to in the facility that is hosting your event. hence this video about the energysolu
tions arena in salt lake city, utah. there i had the opportunity to work with tc smith at the jazz game. he runs the jib for the pre-game, halftime, and post-game shows. with one little pass i got into the game for free, entered the halls down in the "belly of the beast," ate free catered food and got to go out to the floor for some of the game. here is a little video, but it was during a time out so the guards were out and that is why i was still in the tunnel. enjoy.

the "golden ticket".

picture of the set of the show.

(but zack you still do better things more consistently, i love you).

this past weekend i had yet another chance to be with the "big wigs" of the brigham young university sports teams. i got into the women's volleyball game, for free (and actually got payed to be there). and then i shot a press conference immediately following the game. then on saturday i was able to attend the brigham young university game against the university of nevada, las vegas for the mountain west conference championship game. after this game we interviewed the mountain west conference most valuable player (katie fellows). it was awesome to be there and watch the cougars win their first championship in the past few years that they have been in the championship game.

here is the press pass for the soccer game, and the photo sticker (makes it very professional).

true blue is what has given me the opportunity to go to the volleyball and soccer games. i love the opportunity that i have to work for them and get into these events and hone my skills to be able to fill up my resume and get the experience i need to pursue my dreams.

but seriously, let's be honest. is this a chore? no; this is awesome, i love it and want to do it so much more. beautiful, beautiful "work"!

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xaque said...

wow, claims directed straight to me via blog...very cool. To be honest, you have been able to do some super sick things. Being in the belly of the beast looked super sick, I have always wanted to go in a tunnel. Well, now you have given me the challenge to one up you. I may not do it in the next week, but some day in my life I will one up you. Thank you. Love.