Tuesday, January 20, 2009

bride-le your passions!

so after visiting the salt lake temple and watching another friend get married (brendon alexander getting married to shaylar crump) i was waiting for him to come out of the temple and the couple that was right before him was a very nice couple and i congratulated them on their recent marriage.  and being the helpful person that i am, i took the liberty of helping him put on his boutonniere so that he could be ready for his pictures while someone else was making sure the bride looked great.  he was in a bit of a daze and thanked me for the help.

i thought nothing of the couple until later.  we passed them several times as we both made our ways to various spots on, and around, the temple grounds.  it was only after the time we passed in the joseph smith memorial building that the story gets really juicy.

my comrade and i had just finished shooting our portions of the wedding video of the friends we were there to see and packed up and headed toward the elevator to leave the building.  as we arrive at the elevator one came and inside was the couple that i helped out in the temple.  i greeted them and asked them if everything was going good and made small talk so that it wasn't too awkward in the elevator.  after my foolish attempts the groom said to me that they were in the elevator because their photographer was waiting for them to come down and as the doors opened they were going to get pictures taken of them.  he told me that it would be funny to have me stand in his place and give the photographers a little laugh.  i was a little reluctant but obliged this request and then the reaction i did not really expect from the bride.  she grabbed me and agreed that it would be funny to see the photographers faces.  she held me on her hip as though she was gripping my hand in order for her not to plummet to her death.  we descended the rest of the floors and i put a smile on my face for the cameras.  the doors opened and the photographers started snapping away.  they then realized that we were not kissing and that i was in no way, shape or form the groom of such a lovely bride.

we all had a good laugh in the elevator and then my comrade and i stepped out and left the scene.  we discussed how that was such a weird request and how awkward it was for the bride to be all in and grab me so tight around the waist.  i wish i had the picture to prove it, but you will just have to take my word for it.

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tessa marie said...

hahahaha, i wish i coulda seen it