Tuesday, January 20, 2009

latest project

i have recently moved rooms in the same house to accommodate new roommates and to get myself into a private room where i could relax.  i loved my last roommate and we got along fine but i am just partial to a private room ever since i tasted of its sweetness not long ago.

i have been looking for different ways to spice up the room because of the plentiful bare walls that it has located in it.  the last person had enough to make the room look lived in while (in an effort to reduce what i had) did not have even enough to cover one wall.  there have been several ideas pitched and i am working on one currently to make an entire wall a huge mosaic of different pictures that i have taken but never printed.  i am also trying to find the cheapest (and the ugliest) frames that i can to add some life to the boring white walls that currently enclose me at night.

here is a picture of the progress:

but this brings me to my next point.  for months there has been a car sitting in the field outside of our house.  after one roommates suggestion we all decided to see what hidden treasures we could find within it.  we opened it and found that there was not a whole lot in it and deterred from taking too much out.  but we did find some sweet fabric.  i then had the idea "well if nobody is going to be using this car it has seats and i can take one out to have a chair in my room."  well it did not take long for that chair to be out, and realizing what a great thing it was the drivers seat was then removed too.  they were a little dirty so we thought to ourselves "let us get some seat covers for it."  the idea turned into me (and others) thinking that instead of buying seat covers i could sew a couple of seat covers to cover them and also to use the fabric that was just sitting there not being used.  after a few hours i had a pattern and then got to cutting and sewing.  the end result:

and who thought that the hfl department does not have practical classes?


betsy b said...

wow. john.

you are such an incredible seamstress. i love your post. and i love your blog...and i love you!

thanks for the posts...(yours and mine)

and by seamstress i mean seamster.

Dave and Ash said...

Nice. That reminds me of when I got to my first area on my mission there was a stinky couch in our apartment. It had a nice cover on it but it just didn't stop emanating this horrible odor.

We found out later that it was given to us because a dog had died on it and the owners didn't want it anymore...so, do those seats stink? You never know why that car has been sitting there forever.

anne said...

you've god mad skills! what was i thinking not taking a sewing class?! i feel like my family life minor is incomplete...

Chris said...

I love the photo wall... are you trying to out do mine? I have some lovely (and by lovely I mean ugly) frames to donate!

Lincoln said...


you are an internet superstar!!