Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the price of food

my cousin got married the thirteenth of december and it was quite a fun day filled with family, food and love.  but this story, however, starts the following week.

my cousin jade works for ksl radio, and actually works with one of my former companions from the mission.  he invited some of us family members to see a screening of yes man (jim carry, the mask).  i was very happy about this because i wanted to see the movie but seeing the movie for free makes it ten thousand times better.  i went with my brother and his friend, jake, to see the movie but they had the good idea of making it a day event and just take in the atmosphere of salt lake.

like any good trip you need good food in order for it to make or break it.  so i had a few restaurants in mind and spat them out at the fellow trippers and the one that we decided on was the pie pizzaria.  now for those of you who frequent this blog know that the pie is near and dear to my heart and that it seems like i am always talking about it, but that is because it is the stuff memories are made of.  anyway, we went and had a delicious time at the pie and then headed down to the gateway in order to do a little christmas shopping and to get things taken care of for the upcoming holiday season.

we arrived at the shopping center and i told my brother just to park in the underground parking structure.  we went around looking at different stores for present for family members and for ourselves and then decided that we needed to head over to the cinema if we were going to see the movie.  we watched a very delightful movie (some parts we could have done without) and then proceeded to thank our cousin and his family for the evening and then parted ways.  we then went back to the car, got in and headed toward the booth to pay for the time that we had spent there.  i thought that i had grabbed enough vouchers but that was not the case as our total came to five dollars.  combined total of cash in the car out of three people: two dollars.  what were we going to do?  what could we sell her that would make up the difference and then she would let us out and on our merry way?

i then had a flash of genius and informed the spokesperson of the car that we did have leftovers from the pie that could satisfy the mightiest of hungers.  the following dialogue was uttered (to the best of my recollection):

spokesperson: we only have two dollars but we do have some leftovers from the pie.
attendant: really?  well, what kind of leftovers?
s: there is cheese pull-a-parts and pizza.
a: what kind of pizza?
s: pepperoni
a: well, i usually don't accept anything but cash for the parking fee but i am really hungary and the pie does have excellent food. (pensive hesitation) okay! i'll take the leftovers.  i am starving!
s: thank you, enjoy the food.
a: thank you and i know i will.

(okay i might have added those last two lines, but it makes for a better ending)

how amazing is that though?  i was going to give the leftovers to my roommates because i know they are in love with the pie just as much as i am.  but, what can you do with two dollars, leftovers, a starving attendant, and a five dollar fee?  i thought all parties involved made the right decision and now i have this story to tell.

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anne said...

that is awesome...i love the pie! and that parking attendant is my new hero, i would like to think that i would have done the same thing.