Sunday, July 12, 2009

road trip: oregon

this is one of the sections of the trip that i took with greg, jacqui and anberlin. it was freaking awesome and so here we go on a trip through pictures (not in chronological order) but they have captions for added effect.

can you say "truffle shuffle?"

i made it to the goonies house that overlooks beautiful astoria.

anberlin and i having great conversation while we color in a restaurant.

not quite. i just needed the coin to line it up (and to be facing the right direction)

these people were true campers. they knew how to rough it with their christmas lights, televisions, ipods, and all that other stuff to help them become further removed from society.

oregon coastline. loved every second of it!

the beloved tillamook air museum that was totally visible from miles and miles away and equally closed when we tried to go to it.

more oregon coast with anberlin and jacqui.

(read above to see where i was)

the tillamook cheese factory/processing plant/creamery/store/self-guided tours/made for tourists to think that they actually got to see cheese get made.

jumping for joy at multnomah falls. i cut myself in the landing.

the beginning of a very good talk with anberlin. i explained to her why waterfalls were so rad and she explained to me the meaning of life.

multnomah falls.

the great company that i went with/they drove.

my home for a few nights of the trip/all of oregon.

thanks for this one greg.

the lovely anberlin. who loved the tent. her mom can tell you how much though.

joy. laughter. long drives. short sleeps. fun. fun. fun.

we headed out to the oregon coast after a stop in portland but went to tillamook first in stead of astoria like we planned. but that was okay. i think everyone enjoyed the trip and we made it through that leg of the oregon coast so quick that we had an opportunity to head up to the great state of washington for the second half of the trip. highlights: the 45th parallel, trees, the coast, seaside, boardman, the columbia river, cannon beach, astoria, portland, rei, and much more.

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Amanda said...

awesome! i would love to visit the goonies house. my favorite part would have to have been the cheese the way.