Saturday, July 18, 2009

scoot the loop

today i set out on an adventure that took me may a place. i was bored and needed something to do so i got up and took a shower and then tried to figure out where i could go for the maiden voyage of me and my 20d. i also was looking to go someplace far so that i could road trip with my scooter (which had yet to be done). so i set off to eat before leaving and i stopped at wendy's for some deliciousness and while i was there i forgot my wallet but they gave me my food anyway, which was amazing. next i went back home only to discover that my wallet was in my scooter the whole time and so i semi-lied to the people at wendy's. after a few seconds of feeling guilty i finally decided that i was going to head up the canyon to see what it had in store for me. as i was scooting i remember the beloved spot stuart falls and decided that that is where i would be heading. as i made my way up the sundance canyon i thought to myself, "why stop at stuart falls when you can ride the alpine loop?" so it was then decided that i would spend my time riding the alpine loop instead. what a wonderful decision! i had an amazing time and even detoured to cascade springs but decided not to go all the way there. it was cool, sunny and lovely. here are some pictures from the trip (no captions):

i ended up listening to passion pit's album manners about three or four times total on this excursion and it made for great listening throughout the trip. i couldn't get enough!


anne said...

how i LOVE the alpine loop! it is seriously beautiful all year round. i can only imagine how much more enjoyable the wind and sun would be on a scooter, rather in a car with only the windows rolled down. luck you :)

ps - um, who's camera is that? did you get a new one to go along with your SD450?

Amanda said...

oooh! i remember the alpine loop. i have ridden it once and will forever remember it. by the way...nice ride and i won't say a thing.