Sunday, July 12, 2009

road trip: washington

part two. washington state and seattle. because we went the wrong way in oregon and started from the bottom of the state and went to the top we were able to visit washington. i had never been there but i heard great things. so we went and i had a blast. here we go through these pictures.

panoramic of seattle from the gas works park on the north end of the city. (hope this gets biggie size when you click on it).

our chariot that was packed to the gills. by this point we were on our way home and had a little more room than usual because we had eaten some food.

snoqualmie falls. on the final leg of our journey. it was a very powerful fall. and i just had to jump in. not!

snoqualmie again.

pike place market. way cool even though i am not into seafood at all.

we had to stop of in renton and see the jimi hendrix memorial.

his herbie.


just outside of the key arena, and northwest of the needle this sweet fountain sits welcoming all on a hot summers day.


hendrix memorial.

long beach. this is seriously a freaking long beach, and as they claim the "world's longest beac" (driving pictures down a little further)

our exit to chehalis to visit jacqui's family and get a good nights rest at her house instead of getting rained on again in the tents.

driving on the "world's longest beac"

our trusty steed! this car was a trooper and took us a total of 1,500 miles (give or take).

seattle and washington were amazing and i could not ask for a better way to end the trip and a better way of spending time with greg, jacqui and anberlin. they were all so fantastic to be around and we all got along well for being in the car for that long.

thanks to the tingey's, subaru, the great states of oregon and washington, the jakobeck family, joe morgan, the other places we stayed, and everyone that helped out along the way.

no animals were harmed in the making of these memories.


xaque said...

Sick. I am. jealous

Amanda said...

sweet. i can't wait to visit the jimi hendricks...someday.