Sunday, February 17, 2008

"the land of port"

so for three weeks in a row i traveled with kbyu to exotic locations around the west beginning with las vegas and then the next two locations one, portland, and two, salt lake city.

so off to the land of port!  it was a very awesome, and very quick trip to portland and we didn't get to see much other than the airport, the venue and the hotel.  we got to sit on the tarmac at the salt lake airport for a couple hours waiting for the deicers to finish with the other planes.  after all that we ended up getting in to portland a little late.  we had time to get some food and run over to the arena to set up and get all the cameras faxed and prepared for the game later that night.

during the game the men's basketball team spanked the portland pilots the entire game.  but the two highlights for me were that lee cummard and ben murdock both ran into me under the basket after being fouled by the pilots.  and because of it i was mentioned twice in the program true blue that highlights the sports around the provo campus.  (please see episode 14 dated 12/05/07).  after the game we got to the hotel around midnight and then had to wake up at 4 am to make it to the airport in time for our flight back to salt lake city.

the next weekend we go to travel all the way to the energy solutions arena in salt lake city for the byu men's basketball team to take on #9 michigan state.  we had to wake up early and travel all the way to salt lake during a snow storm.  it took a couple hours but we made it and set up shot the game and then made the trip back home.  nothing really exciting happened that weekend either because we needed to get back in time for another byu game (women's basketball).  but the best thing to come out of that game were highlights from my camera that were shown on fsn west, espn sportscenter and a few other channels that covered the game with highlights.

i love my job and i love the fact that i have gone to places that i haven't ever been and experience different cities.


Greg said...

"...exotic locations..." lol

xaque said...

you are so tough.