Monday, October 20, 2008

body art

wow.  this last weekend was awesome.  i made it on tv during a volleyball game and then saturday i went up to salt lake to see a friend that was long overdue.

we went to a little exhibit called 'body worlds 3'.  here are some pictures of what we saw:

i am super glad that i went and michelle and i were blown away by the amazing ability to extract all the different pieces of the body.  so dope.  i actually came away with a bigger and better testimony of the creative power and also of the body as a work of art set here by god.  it was truly amazing and i recommend it to anyone that is contemplating going to it, do it you will not be disappointed.

after the exhibit we went and picked up katie and then headed off to the pie pizzeria for some delicious food after looking at cadavers all night long.  it was delicious as always and well worth it to spend time with those girls and here some sweet jams like 'my michelle' by guns and roses, 'last dance with mary jane' by tom petty and the heartbreakers and then 'in the air tonight' by phil collins.

after the pie we relaxed and let our food digest over one of the greatest movies of all time.  'so get off your ath let's do some math'.  yep you guessed it 'school of rock'


anne said...

ditto...body worlds blew my mind!

Tyler said...

I really want to see that. I think America and I are gonna go in January before it jets.