Sunday, October 19, 2008


i have had the opportunity to work at byub for a few years now and i just thought i would post a few things that i have done.  i have also worked on some commercials but they have not been finished yet but i will post them when they are done.  please leave me some feedback on these minute pieces and let me know what you think of them.  the edit is simple but any feedback would be loved.

week 1: the album leaf - into the blue again - the light
this one is on the buildings on campus and how they inspire us (or something like that)


Justin said...

Love this is great...shots are amazing...i especially like the time exposure one (the last one)...i would mix in more "moving" shots...and did i see anne? did she get the hook-up?

The Tingey's said...

Yeah, that time lapse was sick.

anne said...

totally sweet. especially the timing and shoot at the base of the greek columns.
justin, i wish you saw me...pretty sure i don't get the hook up anymore now that i'm never on campus, so sad.