Monday, October 20, 2008

John Holman is...

off  and on life, forever!

i have decided to get rid of my facebook account and get on with my life.  it is a social networking site that doesn't socially network me with anyone.  i also believe that you just update it with pictures but you do not get the stories behind the pictures so i have decided to get back to my roots in the blogging world and hook it up.  i am going to be updating this regularly and sending out an email letting people know that it is updated.  and i am going to try and give you as much of the story of my life that i can so that we can really be involved in each others lives and bring it back home so, 'i choo choo choose you':

p.s. if you have a blog give me the address so that i can keep up with you as well.  loves.


Chris said...

Hi baby... (That was Erin). I am so glad you chose to blog because facebook is for losers! Now Madi can check out her boyfriend whenever she wants.

betsy b said...

dear john,

i'm so glad i just stocked your blog from reb's because i wouldn't have known you deleted your facebook.


i am so glad you are a blogger, because so am i and blogging is soooo much better.

i hope you had a happy thanksgiving! i'm grateful for you because you are soooooo helpful with my lack of technology.


Marci Porter said...

Good to know you left Facebook! Where are you at right now? It's been way to long since we last hung out. I don't know if you know about my blog... but its :) Check it out! Peace out!