Sunday, February 17, 2008

recent updates

just two days ago i went to the clark planetarium and the discovery gateway museum to watch a movie about the human body and then explore an exhibit by sesame street that focused on the body.  what an amazing movie and display.  i was very pleased that it all worked out fine and that we were able to go in and have a chance to experience the exhibit first hand.  it was also great to spend time with a person that i enjoy being around and her two wonderful kids.  here are some pictures of the festivities:

two weekends ago i went skating at the gallivan center in salt lake city.  it is a quaint little rink located outside in the heart of downtown and it was fun.  it looked as though the zamboni machine hadn't been there in ages and so it provided a bumpy and choppy ride for all.  but before we went to the ice skating rink we decided to go to the pi and have some delicious pizza to make our skating more enjoyable.  at the pi i saw other friends that ust happened to be in salt lake at the time (brian, bew bew).  all in all i had fun with friends and got to know more friends as the night progressed making it one of the best weekends of my school year so far.  enjoy:

sundance has been good to me this year.  the snow in general have been super consistent and i am happy that i have a pass to a resort that is so close and sucks so much.  besides the slow lifts and the fact that it takes less time to drive there then it does to ride the lift all the way to the top of the back mountain, i have been pleased with the snow and the amount of times that i have been able to go.  but with that is going good, it makes me sad that i don't have three people here to savour it with.  they have graduated and moved on to their new lives and i wish them all the best, but at times i miss them on the slopes pushing me to get better.  so in order to pay tribute, a few photos:


Greg said...

haha, great times. remember when zack almost ripped off his finger when he was agressive living room boarding, that was funny and bloody. the end.

xaque said...

you my friend are zee best. believe you me, i miss riding with you and gregger just as much if not more than you. enjoy the snow while you can.