Sunday, February 24, 2008


the last two weekends in february were spent at two different locations to film the student project for one of my co-workers.  it is titled "unhinged" and is now completely shot (hopefully).  but the work neither began last thursday, nor ended this past saturday.  i have been working on this project since november/december when i was approached to be the department of craft services.  i then started to go around to the various restaurants around the provo/orem area asking them for any donations that they could give, seeing as how we have no budget for food.  it sucked!  after a few months i only had one place for one of the six days that we needed food for.

after a little more work (and going around to the more local restaurants) i was able to get four donated meals and two donated desserts.  noodles and company, gloria's little italy, costa vida, and the thai kitchen all donated meals to us.  and then gandolfo's and pudding on the rice donated dessert to us.  i cannot praise these businesses enough.  they were amazing and donated food for 35 - 40 people.

the movie will continue to be worked on, but at least i don't have to provide anymore food.  i loved the experience and now have more respect for a lot of the people that work on movies in the craft services department.  pictures were taken of the events, and without further adieu:


xaque said...

that sounds hard, and looks cool. I see you in the last picture. Right? I cant wait until you are the famous movie boy.

Ashley said...
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Dave & Ash said...

Am I retarded? Are you in that last picture? I must be blind because I can't see you.

Yancy said...

do I see Ephraim in one of those pictures?

he's great to work with.