Sunday, March 30, 2008

jose gonzalez and last weekend

so recently i have been able to have a lot of fun with the family and to see some amazing people perform and have found more things that i need to combine to make the ultimate show experience.

but first, the weekend of the 21st to the 23rd of march my brother came down from idaho.  during his 
stay here in utah i saw "be kind rewind":

then the next day, i saw "horton hears a who" with jarron and anne:

then on saturday i was able to have two great things happen to me.  first, i ate at the rodizio grill in trolley square.  delicious.  meat.  pineapple.  after that i went with jarron, anne and brian to the university of utah for the jose gonzalez show that took place that saturday night.

i forgot my camera so picture him performing:

but with this hair:

the show was absolutely amazing, and let me tell you why.  with a full belly from rodizio's we go to the union ballroom and the venue was not very deep and there were chairs set up to sit, jam, and listen.  i ran outside to move my brother's truck and while gone my family moves a couch into prime watching position.  so we were on a couch, a few steps above everyone in the back so we didn't have to stand and then we sat and listened to jose gonzalez blow our minds with his voice and music.  it was definitely worth every penny.  so in order to have the best show ever i would add a couch.

here is the set list:

1. deadweight on velveteen
2. hints
3. instrumental
4. heartbeats
5. all you deliver
6. stay in the shade
7. in our nature
8. how low
9. thinest
10. lovestain
11. remain
12. down the line
13. abram
14. time to send someone away
15. teardrop

16. fold
17. crosses
18. down the hillside
19. killing for love
20. being gay in a small town

then easter was spent with family and was actually really relaxing and nice to be with family to make it all that more enjoyable.

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Greg said...

Dude, that's sick. I saw him on Leno. He sounds way good live. Lucky you.