Thursday, March 20, 2008

release date!

so the new death cab for cutie album, "narrow stairs," will be released on may 13th 2008.  i know that it is still a little ways away but there is a new single on itunes (here) (or here) or just click on the song on the right hand side of this page and listen to all 8 plus minutes of super goodness.  you can also take a gander at this little nugget that i happened to run into (here).  take a listen and see what you think about the new material (so far) and then if you like what you hear get the single somewhere else and then pick up the entire album in stores or on-line at your local retailers.

track listing:
1. bixby canyon bridge
2. i will possess your heart
3. no sunlight
4. cath...
5. talking bird
6. you can do better than me
7. grapevine fires
8. your new twin sized bed
9. long division
10. pity and fear
11. the ice is getting thinner

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