Sunday, March 30, 2008

the weak-end

this past weekend i went to the lesser known brigham young university in rexburg, idaho.  what was i doing there?  well i was visiting my older brother brian.  i was a little hesitant to go out there because he (and other people) told me that it is a bitter cold in winter.  there is ice everywhere and my little exploder would not fair so well with its two wheel drive glory.  but, my sister and i set a date to go, and we did.

we first tried to finish a thorn that has been in both of our sides, namely the independent study class of hfl 260.  this class needs to be completed in order for both of us to finish our minors and take another step closer to graduation.  all we had to do was pass the final in order to pass the class, and to our surprise the final was comprehensive (oops).  after entering the testing center in the harmon building we took our tests and then exited about an hour after entering.  a sixty percent is all we needed to pass and when our tests were graded we both received not that.  my sister needed only two more questions right to be done and i only four.  so, we had to pay fifteen bucks each in order to take the final again, but our grades reflected our studying, so i guess i can't complain too much.

after that we listened to some rage to get the rage out of our system and then headed up to idaho to spend some time with my brother and hopefully get some good quality time in with others that i know are living up there.

friday: late evening we pull into town and find that there really isn't anything there and there is no skyline except for the temple and the mcdonald's sign that displays the golden arches at least fifty feet above everything else.  we meet up with the brother and then immediately head out to the local where a pit has been dug and a pile of wood fifteen feet wide by nine feet tall has been stacked for our burning pleasure. see here.  we jammed there until late (and by late i mean early because of the curfew policy).

i really liked this door sitting on a barn next to the fire and the lighting was irresistible, so i took a few pictures, here is one.

saturday: morning was spent sleeping, but once up we went to a quaint little bagel spot called uptown bagels and had breakfast.  one thing that my sister and i thought amusing is that they advertised that it was a great local for group meetings and that you should do your studying there.  fine. but, how about we get some tables that sit more than two and then not have a bar seating area so that the members of the group can actually face each other?  let's be honest.

afternoon was spent driving and checking out the towns that have less than a thousand people in them and then being stopped on the road leading to the hot springs because of snow drift.  so we had to just turn around and head back to rexburg and chill and nap before heading out to the night scene.

night scene was spent out in a suburb of a town called mud lake (simmons shout-out).  after a hearty home-cooked meal we hit the streets to find us some bunnies to shoot.  with a one-million candle power spotlight, a carbon dioxide canister, pink paintballs and a paintball gun we loaded up in my brothers truck and searched the roads for those animals that seem to spawn in seconds.  after sighting them and spot lighting them we one-by-one unleashed a barrage of paintballs at the animals and shot our fair share.  it was fun actually and i had a good time trying to find things to do to keep us entertained for the evening.

late night: with curfew fast approaching i set out for my friends house to speak and catch up with him and his wife.  after beating the traffic in rexburg (one stoplight), i pulled up to his lovely town home.  my sister and i entered and then we began to trade stories, futures, and goals.  there was the one about the milk (a classic in our minds) and others.  yes, you guessed it, i was in the presence of dave and ash lawson.  they are great with child and i was able to see his wiener.  after much more talk and fun i rolled out of there after two o'clock in the morning and rolled back up to my brothers place for a nights rest.

the next morning my sister and i woke up, got our things together, and then headed out to make in back to provo and get somethings done for preparation for this next week.  after much driving we needed to stop for gas and so we stopped in the thriving town of pocatello, idaho.  we gassed up and then hit the local j-i-b in order to fuel our bodies for the rest of the trip.  oh, so good!  why does provo not have one of these?  they need the ninety-nine cent tacos and chicken sandwich, the french toast sticks and the shakes made with real ice cream!  oh how i missed you mr. jack in the box.

after making it home, we quickly changed and then hit the road to sandy to spent the evening with friends and loved ones.  dinner and dessert were delicious as always and i was happy that we were able to spent time with them, and my oldest brother.  fond memories.  afton, you were right.


xaque said...

yeehaw. That was a fun story. So much fun, so many memories. I want to try that paintball fun, I am all about that.

Dave & Ash said...

You saw my wiener?

Greg said...

Yeah... I'm going to have to go w/ dave on that one... That's kinda wierd. Good story though. You gotta love eastern Idaho.

jrHolman said...

yeah i saw it when you weren't looking! and then i compared it to the sonogram and saw where your son gets it from.

Dave & Ash said...

Man, after reading the story again I realize why I've hated it out here for the last 3 years...there's nothing to do! Try doing what you did for every weekend over a 3 year period. I'm glad I'm done in a week!