Sunday, March 30, 2008

work and where to find it

so work has been going super great recently after a terrible screw up that almost cost me a lot of work.  my back focus was off on a shoot that made all the material that we shot un-usable and then they had to re-shoot those host stand-ups all over again.  after that mess up i was determined not to make it again.

i shot this interstitial awhile ago and then thought that i would share it with you.  it is about the cougar kids club activity that is coming up here in a little bit:

so this past week i have had two packages (stories with b-roll) on two different shows and have received compliments on both of them.  first, a couple of weeks ago i shot a story that talked about the rubber duckies, an inner tube water polo team that dominates in the water and has a good following to help them succeed in all there matches.  that story can be found at  after reaching the website, launch the true blue player and then click on the date at the top of the player that says episode 30 dated 3/26/08 and then go to the segment titled "intramural inner tube water polo" and enjoy (hopefully).  and i will try to get it posted here as soon as i can sorry.

the second story was done for the television show byu weekly.  this one was about a photography exhibit in the moa (museum of art) on campus.  the photo exhibit is about the dismantling of geneva steel and has some pretty cool shots.  that story can be found at then access the show title "week of 3/29/2008" and check out the weekly focus story.

and stay tuned because in two weeks i will be headed to guatemala to shoot for a show called "living essentials" but the spanish version.  i am loving my job more and more now and will be sad to have to leave it all behind at the end of the semester.  i hope that i can continue in production, whether in my own terms or on projects for other people.

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